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Here is your own custom, dual sided, 600 DPI printed business card!


Tech embedded with a 0.5 Mb NFC (Near Field Communicator) chip and printed with your graphics and 2 different static QR Codes, this card has it all! 


You can share your (personal / social life) on one side of the card and your (professional / business) profile links on the other. 


This works better than the Popl alone. It has similar interfaces but adds the benefit of passing a card around a room, or mounting on tabletops (restaurants, hotels) with your QR code as well available.


Interestingly, when this card is close to a modern smart phone (Iphone 8 or newer running IOS 13 or newer) then it triggers the load of your website. Imagine the convenience! For older phones, then the QR function of the camera loads the website.



This is a locked card. A "Locked card" means that after it is printed and programmed, it cannot be altered. The links, phone numbers, company address and details will be sealed in a locked status for the NFC as well as for the QR codes.


A locked card will have your social media platform links embedded on the Front of the card QR code and in the NFC chip for touchless sharing. Within these embeda will also be our company details and your FundingGym.com affiliate link if you are eligible for our referral income program. 


The reverse of the card will be the standard template and include your "Static / Locked" QR code for your own "Staker.App" referral link. This will be visible to the person that does an electronic scan and pass to Staker your affiliation. 


Pay for the physical card on this page to place your order. After your details are verified and payment is processed, our staff will message you directly to confirm your art layout and text details for the card. We will send a form to provide your choices of contact card info, social media,  or affiliate program links you want built into your e-card. We will generate the static QR Code image for you.


You can choose Template 1, or 2 with no additional custom design charges. If you want a custom layout designed, we will utilize the images you provide and font/text colors will be built for you for an additional $25 design fee. We will provide up to design 2 revisions during your design and review process for custom orders.



After your card is processed and printed, we will contact you by email from info@FundingGym.com or by telegram from t.me/FundingGym.


Make sure you have considered the power of our affiliate programs! 

FundingGym has a 2 tier affiliate - referral program that awards you additional income for your own affiliates.


Click and check out the details here. 

Restrictions apply and candidates must pass eligibility requirements to participate.

(**All affiliates will likely earn more than $600 per year and therefore must comply with full KYC and will be issued a 1099 misc.**) USA SSN or EIN holders only. Affiliate income Payouts are through Cash.App, Paypal or Zelle, so you must have a valid account on one of those platforms to participate.

Custom Dual Sided NFC Business Card (Locked)

Card Design
  • We look forward to providing the best product possible that will grow your company or influence. 


    Unfortunately, we cannot offer refund nor authorize returns. All sales are final. Please triple check the information you provide us that will be embedded into this locked card. Address, phone numbers, URL links require great care for detail. Please verify before providing for this print.

  • To keep your costs low, we will ship your card for free by USPS mail to the address you provide without additional insurance or signature confirmation costs.


    However, if card is lost in the mail or you damage or lose it,  we will send a replacement invoice of $9 per card.


    Once paid, we will print and ship out the replacement card(s) and your next FundingGym.com referral program payout will be reduced by $15 per card on the next distribution to you.


    If you are not eligible or part of the FundingGym Referral program, unfortunately, we cannot offer a replacement option without shipping the initial order to you with a $4.00 surcharge for insured shipping delivery. Contact us direct at t.me/FundingGym if you want this surcharge and delivery gaurantee.

    Your purchase acknowledges and accepts this lost / replacement / shipping policy.

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