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Here is your own custom, dual sided, 600 DPI printed business card!


Tech embedded with a 0.5 Mb NFC (Near Field Communicator) chip and printed with your graphics and 2 different static QR Codes, this card has it all! 


You can share your (personal / social life) on one side of the card and your (professional / business) profile links on the other. 


Interestingly, when this card is close to a modern smart phone (Iphone 8 or newer running IOS 13 or newer) then it triggers the launch of a browser and the load of your website URL.

Imagine the convenience! For older phones, then the QR function of the camera scan loads your website.


This is a UNLOCKED and EDITABLE card. An Unlocked card means that after it is printed and programmed, the destination website or functions of the QR code and NFC Tag can be altered without reprint of the card. This is useful for the audience that received your details in the past, or if you have posted the QR images anywhere but want the target destination to change.


The links, phone numbers, company address and your details will be edited on your request for the NFC as well as for the QR codes as part of your subscription service. Simply put in a modification request for updates.


An unlocked card does not require embedding of our company contact details.  If you have signed up with our own company referral program, only your income producing referral link will be embedded with regard to our company. You can modify or delete this element as well.


Payment for the physical card production and shipping is on this page. Editable QR and NFC cards have third party vendor maintainance expenses for us. However, this flexibility does allow for editing in the future should your details change or if you want your audience to see new content long after you have made contact without requiring additional or reprint of cards.


After your order details are verified and payment is processed, our staff will message you directly for design. You will provide your details for contact card info, social media URLS, or affiliate program links you want built into your e-card. We will generate the dynamic QR Code images for you.


You can choose Template 1, or 2 with no additional custom design charges. If you want a custom layout, your own images,fonts and text colors will be built for you for an additional $25. We will provide up to design 2 revisions during your design process for custom orders. Bulk orders are available. Message us for details at t.me/FundingGym



Make sure you have considered the power of our affiliate programs! 

FundingGym has a 2 tier affiliate - referral program that awards you additional income for your own affiliates.


Click and check out the details here. 

Restrictions apply and candidates must pass eligibility requirements to participate.

(**All affiliates will likely earn more than $600 per year and therefore must comply with full KYC and will be issued a 1099 misc.**) USA SSN or EIN holders only. Affiliate income Payouts are through Cash.App, Paypal or Zelle, so you must have a valid account on one of those platforms to participate.

Dynamic QR codes and Editable NFC Card!

Card Design
Price Options
Editable QRs and NFC
NFC actions are editable and QR codes are dynamic!
$17.00monthly/ auto-renew
  • We look forward to providing the best product possible that will grow your company or influence. 


    Unfortunately, we cannot offer refund nor authorize returns. All sales are final. Please triple check the information you provide us that will be embedded into this locked card. Address, phone numbers, URL links require great care for detail. Please verify before providing for this print.

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