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You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.
                  Zig Ziglar


Funding Gym is a credit and funding fitness organization. We help business minded clients acquire up to $250,000 to use in their projects.


You may be selected as a full member if you have a business related funding need and are determined to achieve success.

We are a community of entrepreneurs based in Silicon Valley, Puerto Rico and abroad. We are united to raise business capital together.

You can develop your funding access with us and deploy it however you choose. We also have collaboration projects where you can share in ownership rights and share in profits.



Our mission is to add financial strength and stamina to your business venture.


Your ideas can be powered by access to capital that our coaches will guide you to achieve.

Talented founders like you, that train and develop their personal and business credit profile, will be able to fund their own ventures. There is no need to sell equity in your company or idea prematurely


Our funding programs help you to access non-collateralized capital and credit on a case by case basis. 



Our core program can raise up to $250,000 in business capital for you.  We do this by strategically negotiating directly with banks on your behalf in "Fund-Raising Batches".​

Every 3-4 months we choose 6-10 worthy entrepreneurs that

understand how unlocking cash access will fuel their ventures. Our process focuses on first building your personal and business credit profiles. This creates a platform for huge capital access and growth.​


During our 12-month program, each participant should be able to secure up to $250K and use this $$ to fund their business ideas. We also are able to join together in shared projects where we share equally in passive profits.




Funding Gymnasiacs

Funding Successes

The funding batch that completed in Q2 of 2020 was for a pool of 11 members.  We achieved over $1,000,000 in capital access in under 90 days in our program! Within 8 months of initiating our 12 month subscription, we helped this pool access over $2M in capital.


YOUR RESULTS WILL VARY. Before you start, we will advise on the fasted methods to your accessing high limits of business credit. We will also describe what will slow your funding. 

(Final batch of funding for this recent group of 11 clients was completed 12 MAY 2020. Typically we do 3 batches for you within your 12 month program. Initial batch, 3-5 months in and a last batch.)



Recent Program Graduates


Initiation date: 04 SEPT 19

    • $320K achieved​

  1. 2nd Round: 07 NOV 19

    • $487K​ achieved

  2. 3rd Round:  18 JAN 20​

    • $944K achieved​

  3. 4th Round: ​ 22 FEB 20

    • $1,143K achieved​

  4. 5th Round: ​ 27 MAR 20

    • $1,458K achieved​

  5. 6th Round: ​16 APR 20

    • $1,863,000 achieved​

  6. 7th Round: ​12 MAY 2020

$2,118,000 achieved​ during batch!

             (batch has closed)


Upcoming Batch

Applications close
 31 March 2021

Raise up to $150K at 0% APR within 30-60 days at 0% APR during introductory period.

Raise up to $250K within 9-12 months at 0% APR during introductory period.


  1. Have an authentic, USA issued Social Security Number.

  2. Have a current personal FICO credit score of 740+ on Experian, Equifax and Transunion. (Click Here to find out.)

  3. Must have a stable personal mailing address that matches your current credit report address.

  4. Must have a valid driver license as well as residential utility bills in your name that match credit reports.

  5. You can own a business entity like LLC or C Corp, but cannot already have established a Sole Proprietorship.

  6. Must be truthful, authentic and not waste the time of our credit coaches. Your time is very valuable, please also respect ours so we can get the most work done for you efficiently.

Here's What You Get:

  • $50,000 - $250,000 In 0% introductory period (6-15 months) Interest Business Credit, all Done-For-You. Our professionals liaison and negotiate on your behalf with a multitude of retail banks to access the highest levels of funding possible on your account. We put hundreds of hours over the course of a 12 month plan building your maximum cash access.


  • Credit is for your entity and separate from your personal credit profile. We build properly your personal credit reports and insulate them, so they become examples for your business credit references. When you follow our step by step guidance, your personal credit reports will not have negative impacts from our business credit development processes. Our goal is to multiply your current personal credit levels to an average of 10x in business credit access.

  • Your results will vary. Every client that followed our step-by-step advisements has been able to access more than $150K with the majority of clients achieving much higher levels of funding. We counsel you and inform you on action steps, but ultimately the success of our negotiations rests on your actions and our skills combined.

  • 12-Months of One-on-One Coaching and personalized Credit Building instruction. ($5100 Value)

    • I am available to you 7 days a week on an encrypted, direct message platform to answer your questions and guide during your program.

  • Formation of your specialized Bank Lendable Entity w/ your new Tax ID# ($1500 value)

  • How To Guide #1: Get Cash from any Credit Card ($500 Value)

  • How To Guide #2: Remove Credit Inquiries from Your Credit Report ($500 Value

  • Dunn&Bradstreet Corporate Credit guide on how to secure $100k Vendor Credit ($500 Value)​​​

  • 12 months of access to the Earn and Save Portal as well as credit blogs ($230 value)

*  Applications to join current batch

 due - 31 March 2021

Crypto Education


In addition to our Funding Gym batch cash and credit raising program, we also offer private education on how specific cryptocurrencies function.


We will bring you quickly up to speed on the concepts, marketplace operations and security technicals.

hex logo.png

We do this because our company operations including payroll is a hybrid of crypto as well as legacy payment systems.


We only educate on BTC,  including Ethereum and our favorite which is HEX.




Palo Alto, CA 94303


151 Calle San Francisco

San Juan, Puerto Rico 00911

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