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Current Gymnasiacs

Funding Success

Our most recent completed funding batch for a pool of 9 members in Q4 of 2019 achieved over $1,000,000 in capital access in under 90 days into their programs! Within their 8 months of their 12 months subscription, we helped these 9 persons access over $2M in capital to fund their ideas. YOUR RESULTS WILL VARY. Before you start, we will advise on the fasted ways to your access high limits of business credit and what also will slow your funding. 

 (Final batch of funding for this recent group of 9 clients was completed 12 MAY 2020)

(Typically we do 3 batches for you within your 12 month program. Initial, 3-5 months in and a last batch.)


Initiation date: 04 SEPT 19

    • $320K achieved​

  1. 2nd Round: 07 NOV 19

    • $487K​ achieved

  2. 3rd Round:  18 JAN 20​

    • $944K achieved​

  3. 4th Round: ​ 22 FEB 20

    • $1,143K achieved​

  4. 5th Round: ​ 27 MAR 20

    • $1,458K achieved​

  5. 6th Round: ​16 APR 20

    • $1,863,000 achieved​

  6. 7th Round: ​12 MAY 2020

    • $ 2,118,000 achieved​ during this batch! 

    • 0% APR introductory rate is for 6-18 months depending on bank issuer.

- This batch has closed.

*  All applications to join current batch are due - 15 July 2020

Upcoming Batch

Applications close
 15 July 2020

Raise up to $150K at 0% APR within 30-60 days at 0% APR during introductory period.

Raise up to $250K within 9-12 months at 0% APR during introductory period.


Follow the link below to apply.  Explain your needs and goals!


  1. Have an authentic, USA issued Social Security Number.

  2. Have a current personal FICO credit score of 730+ on Experian, Equifax and Transunion.

  3. Sadly, you cannot be in forbearance or be drawing unemployment.

  4. Must have a stable personal mailing address that matches your current credit report address.

  5. Must have current, valid driver license as well as utility bills in your name that match your credit report addresses exactly.

  6. You can own a business entity like LLC or C Corp, but cannot already have established a Sole Proprietorship.

  7. Must be truthful, authentic and not waste the time of our credit coaches. Your time is valuable, please also respect ours so we can get the most work done for you effieciently.

Here's What You'll Get:

  • $50,000 - $250,000 In 0% introductory period (6-15 months) Interest Business Credit, Done-For-You. Our professional negotiators liaison for you with the multitude of banks to access the highest levels of funding access possible for your account. We put countless hours into building your maximum funding access over your 12 month subscription period. Credit is for your entity and separate from personal credit profile building. When you follow our step by step guidance, your personal credit reports will not have any negative impact from the this business credit development processes. Our goal is to multiply your current personal credit access levels into 10x business capital access.

  • 12-Months of One-on-One Unlimited Coaching and Credit Building ($3997 Value)

  • Formation of your Bank Lendable Entity w/ your new Tax ID# ($1500 value)

  • How To Guide #1: Get Cash from any Credit Card ($500 Value)

  • How To Guide #2: Remove Credit Inquiries from Your Credit Report ($497 Value)

  • D&B Corporate Credit guide on how to secure $100k Vendor Credit ($697 Value)

  • Day-to-Day Business Incorporation ($397 Value)


  • FREE BONUS #1: Financial Management Tool ($200 Value)

  • FREE BONUS #2: Onboarding access to our Premium Newsletter on what's happening in the business credit realm. ($350 Value)


Email: Gary@FundingGym.com

Facebook: /FundingGym


Instagram: @ FundingGym

Telegram: @FundingGym


Twitter: /FundingGym


Youtube: /FundingGym

Palo Alto, CA 94303


151 Calle San Francisco

San Juan, Puerto Rico 00911

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