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When it comes to building up your personal or business credit strength, our coaches are expert guides.​ Maximizing your business cash funding is our mission.


Your initial credit fitness evaluation will review your credit profile and share with you the way major banks see your risk. We will point out your current strengths as well as areas that could be improved. We can save you time and money.


The first consultation is completely free and will provide you a detailed review and our commentary will guide your next steps.


If you have no credit history at all, we can properly seed and speed grow your credit profile. If you have a very weak or challenged profile, we can provide proper nutrition and therapy to get you back on track and to flourish.

We can grow tiny sapling money trees into cash abundant mighty oaks. In most cases, we can raise up to $120K within 60 days and $250K within 12 months.


Like any improvement program, your results are equal your efforts when combined with ours. We don't grant overnight cash access, but rather that it will be developed steadily to give you tools for use in future enterprises.


Our program will first prepare your personal credit profile so it stands as the shining example and reference for your business credit profiles. These first steps are essential to securing business funding access later through our batch finance negotiation programs.


Every 3-4 months we choose 5-8 entrepreneurs to work with directly and develop their financial strengthes. These screened and selected persons are keen to build their personal and business funding sources.

Exceptional graduates of our program might also be allowed to collaborate with us and other graduates in joint owned or operated real estate projects.

Our collaboration real estate projects are now upwards of $8 Million in value and established to provide passive, shared profits.

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