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Hard inquiries can limit your ability to acquire funding for your business. If it is personal or for your company, you will be auto-rejected by the computers if you have 3 or more hard inquiries recently. 


Unsecured and uncollateralized business credit applications require 90 days or more between new application for credit or business funding. Personal applications require 180 days. 


This e-book will teach you how to get hard inquiries removed effectively from your credit reports. 



We support the Hex.Help ecosystem. You can learn more about HEX by clicking the link and doing your own research. 


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Current dollar price for this guide is $20.80, but you can get it for $16.64 in Hex value!


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Upon maturity of this Blockchain CD, 100% of principal and interest will be donated to charity, specifically,



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How to Remove Inquiries and Create Credit Leverage

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  • This is an instruction workbook in .PDF format. You can open it with free software called Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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