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What is that credit card offering you? Can you use it to put a down payment on a rental property? Can you pay your general contractor to remodel? Can you use it to pay for rent or make your car payment?


What if you need cash to live on while starting a company? Cash is king!


I will show you the best and least expensive or no expense strategies to convert credit card into cash in your hand.  I am not talking about cash advances...that is the super expensive route banks want you to use.


I am showing you 8 tested and true strategies to access cash from unsecured credit cards. Hundreds of thousands of dollars can be pulled on average 2% or less in bank fees. Hard money lenders want real estate collateral and charge 10% APR on top of 2-3% up front!


My ways are far less cost and often at 0% APR. Ask me how to get up to $250K this way.



We support the Hex.Help ecosystem. You can learn more about HEX by clicking the link and doing your own research. 


20% discount applies on all sales of this product when paid in HEX.   


Current dollar price for this guide is $24, but you can get it for $20.20 in Hex value.


All HEX proceeds are invested into the HEX Blockchain CD for a minimum of 3 years.


Upon maturity of this Blockchain CD, 100% of principal and interest will be donated to charity, specifically,



  1. Visit Hex.Live and copy the current price. 
  2. Divide $20.20 by the current Hex price
  3. Double check your math.
  4. Send the above amount of HEX to charity wallet
    • 100% of Donations are staked in the HEX contract for 3 years upon receipt so they can compound.
    • Message me at BEFORE SENDING with the exact amount of HEX you plan to send. I will confirm when transaction completes and I will send the document to you through Telegram.
    • 0xD53a2Edc8e25052FF4eac195feFe5E401B0800Ff


The price of HEX is going up, so check the price on HEX.LIVE for the current spot rates to be used.


I record and post publicly on all donations from sale to this cause. Buyer must acknowledge and agree to this.



Turn Credit Card into Cash

$30.00 Regular Price
$24.00Sale Price
  • PDF File

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