A NFC (near field communicator) is a small tag placed on the back of your phone that lets you instantly share your social media, music, payment platforms and contact info just by tapping your phone to a compatible smartphone!


The other person doesn't need an app to to receive your info 💥 This button is powered by near field technology enabled by a smart phone. 


The possibilities for NFC buttons are limitless. NFCcan be used by anyone in any industry to instantly share a customized, all in one social profile to people they meet.


Don't want to share your whole profile, use our new patented the Direct feature to instantly connect someone to your Instagram, LinkedIn, contact card, Snapchat, etc.


Whether you are a student, artist, entrepreneur, model, influencer, athlete or photographer, NFC can help improve your networking and will leave a lasting impression on everyone you meet.


This is for the single unit with Richard looking up and saying "Tap Your Phone Here"


The video above is for our NFC embedded business cards. This NFC button functions in a similar way, loading your social media platforms in one swoop to your contact or audience.



Item ships direct to your billing address in 3-4 weeks. 

Richard Says - Tap Here (NFC)

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